Coline Rigot

colinephotoColine was born in Paris in August 1987 and her parents are circus artists. At the age of 7 she started the violin with a Hungarian gypsy from the circus company Dromesco. Two years later she entered the Conservatoire de Paris for classical studies. At age eleven, Coline discovered jazz with Carl Schlosser, while travelling in Europe with her parent’s circus: Les Colporteurs. Four years later she entered Chantal Rodier class at the CNR (Conservatoire National de Région) of Avignon and finished with a gold medal in 2005. After one year at the IMFP (Institut Musical de Formation Professionnelle en jazz) in Salon de Provence, she entered the CNR in Rouen in Jazz and Classical Studies and started playing with bands such as Gazmazout (Jazz Manouche) and Chiminango (Charanga and salsa). In 2009 Coline entered the CFMI (centre de formation de musiciens intervenants) in Lille 3 and obtained the DUMI (Dilpôme Universitaire de Musicien Intervenant) degree in 2011. At the same time she followed the classes of Fred El Pulpo at the CNR in Lille in Latin Jazz. Coline has worked in Lille and Hazelbrouck as music teacher (musicien intervenant) and educator and has participated in several musical projects such as Elisaroz (vocal jazz) and Ojalá (Cuban music). She was also a part of three temporary creations with the Footsbanh Theatre (contemporary theatre) for the Shakespeare Globe in London.

In June 2012 Coline met Tcha- Badjo at the Samois sur Seine festival. Since August 2012, Coline left her sedentary life in Lille for a life on the road, working alternatively for the Colporteurs, contemporary circus companies, Tcha-Badjo and Les Poissons Voyageurs.